Modern Artist Work: The Selfie Revolution

modern artist work

Modern Artist Work

The Selfie Revolution collection

modern artist workModern artist work from this century. I thought it might be fun to document the history of my generation, and in this case, The Selfie Revolution. The term “selfie” only started a few years ago. It is history that may fascinate others in the future. Yes, it might be a strange concept, but it is what it is. Modern artist work is evolving into something other generations of art cannot comprehend. In fact, some generations may not know what they are. Selfies are photos that you generally take alone with your phone. Sometimes they may include an interesting background or friends, maybe a celebrity in it, but they always have the person who’s taking the photo in it. This is the first selfie painting, in, The Selfie Revolution series.

The Selfie Revolution collection is an ongoing series. I have a lot of selfies to make in the future and hope to create some amazing paintings. I like the ones with the most expressions or when I’m doing something crazy/silly.  My favorite in the series is #Realization. After vaping a lot of cannabis, I had a realization about how strange this world is set up. I kind of freaked out. I began hearing the super mario guy collecting his coins. I saw celebrities as they were, I saw how small of a box we live in, went into the past and the future, I thought about life and death..I even came to a conclusion that bringing children into this world, at the moment, is not a good idea. I relalized how stupid it is that most people care way too much about what other people think. Why do humans care about what another body of water

I moved through our world, floating into different times of existance.  I literally thought of all this. Yeah, weird stuff. Needless to say, I try not to smoke so much at one time. Hey, just enjoy this new realm of modern artist work.

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