Vittoria London
Vittoria London


Vittoria London is an American painter who takes photos of herself and turns them into paintings. She engrains within her work, her personality, and her life as a hardcore millennial.  You will see that she is influenced in a variety of styles, particularly cubism meets pop art.

Her palette choices are of vivid bright colors. She mostly uses acrylic, but occasionally dabbles in oil paints.

Each of her photos tells us a story about her. Many times they could be described as whimsical. You will be left with a feeling of happiness and perhaps some laughter.

Vittoria London is originally from Long Beach, California and currently resides in Silver Springs, Florida. She would describe herself as a nomad that has lived in dozens of different countries. Although her paintings are not influenced by her travels, perse, she was influenced by the many different modern art museums around the world. Her favorite being the Tate Modern in London, UK.

After visiting the many different modern museums around the world, she knew she wanted to be a painter. For about one year, she spent most of her time in the forest, somewhat isolated, painting endless masterpieces. Self-taught, she relied on trial and error, Youtube videos and her memory of all the beautiful works of modern art she encountered.